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Holiday Program - Movie Making Adventure
20 Dec - 22 Dec 2019
Sentul, Bogor Indonesia

Holiday Program - Movie Making Adventure

Holiday Program - Movie Making Adventure

In the 3-Day Holiday Filmmaking Camp, students explore camera, lighting, sound, and post-production, and work collaboratively to shoot and edit exercises in high definition digital video. The focus is on learning by doing. Throughout their four days enrolled in the program, teens will be tasked with not just directing a film, but writing, lighting, framing, filming, and producing. These essential skills will empower students to more easily explore their passion for filmmaking going forward. Have fun, express yourselves, and tell your story! Register yourself now! -------------------- WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? 1. Understand the fundamental techniques in storytelling and scriptwriting. 2. Able to edit different scenes into short films. 3. Understand the role of director and its duties. 4. Able operate cameras properly during film shooting. 5. Understand the essence and techniques of sound producing. 6. Able to do basic color grading and add simple visual effects. 7. Understand the ecosystem of film production. -------------------- WHAT IS THE PRICE INCLUSIVE OF? - Trainer - Equipment for film production - Laptop for editing film - Food and beverage - Camping site Sentul, Jawa Barat - Transportation to the camping site - Certificate of completion -------------------- WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PREPARE? Nothing

Holiday Program - Movie Making Adventure


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HTM ( Biaya Kursus Selama 3 Hari dari tgl 20 s/d 22 Dec 2019 ) Rp 4,501,000
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